Tomato jam is better on a crepe

This recipe needs an initial disclaimer: If you are a tomato jam hatter, this is not a recipe for you I recommend that you try the fig jam or the quince white marmalade that are also very good Portuguese typical flavours.

The tomato season is ending and it’s the perfect timing to turn that strong red colour and smell into a delicious tomato jam jar that will last through Winter (or at least in my case until next Spring).

I must confess that the best way to eat tomato jam is on a crepe. Yes! A crepe is better with tomato jam than with chocolate. I think I may have started a strong debate with this statement, but it really feels like a combination made in heaven to me.

When making tomato jam I like to add two other flavours: cinnamon and lemon (just the zest) for a perfect combination specially if you want to use the jam as an ingredient in other recipes like topping a cheesecake or filling some sweet “pastéis de massa tenra”.

1 Kg tomato (peeled and without seeds)
800g sugar
lemon peel
cinnamon stick

1. Peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and let in drain for 30 minutes.
2. Place the tomatoes in a sauce pan, add sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon stick. Let it rest until sugar is completed dissolved.
3. Cook until the gelling stage. Around 2 hours in low heat.



Straight from the jar, on a cracker or on a crepe… What is your favourite way?

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