Runner beans side dish – Esparregado

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me what to do with runner beans, I personally like them in cold salads, in soup or in tempura after they are parboiled, but then it came to my mind another great recipe, a Portuguese one from the region of Beiras called “Esparregado de Feijão Verde”. It’s a side dish that goes in perfection with meat. It’s very easy to make and full of flavour. Even if you don’t like vinegar don’t take it out of the recipe, just use it to your taste, even if it is only a few drops, otherwise the recipe will end insipid.


Serves 4 people
1 Kg of runner beans
15 ml of olive oil
2 Tbsp of flour
1 garlic clove

1. Wash and chop the runner beans very thin.
2. Parboil the runner beans in water.
3. Place the olive oil in a pan and add the peeled garlic glove.
4. Add the runner beans. Stir.
5. Sprinkle with the flour. Combine the mixture.
6. Add salt and vinegar to your taste and combine the mixture always in medium heat, until the flour cooks.

Bom proveito! (Enjoy it!)

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