Lisbon Fish & Flavours 2015

Peixe em Lisboa 2015 - Lisbon Fish & Flavours 2015
the food hall around noon, by 1pm is already very difficult to find a seat.

Every year in April Lisbon welcomes “Peixe em Lisboa” for 11 days, and every year I promise myself to go and enjoy as much as I can which seems to never being enough.

This year I was able to go on a Thursday and on a Friday, first with a group of friends and later on my own. And fear not to go alone because when food is the subject you end up asking your dear neighbour to secure your seat while you grab another dish, chitchat about what you are eating, your favourites and so on.

The food hall has 11 restaurants with an extensive menu dedicated to fish and seafood ending with some amazing desserts (very important if you are Portuguese).
Please enjoy the photos and start planning to go next year as Lisbon Fish & Flavours 2016 will be from 7th to 17th April.

Scallops wrapped in bacon - Taberna Rua das Flores
Scallops wrapped in bacon
Taberna Rua das Flores
Spider Crab Soup - Nobre (Chef Justa Nobre)
Spider Crab Soup
Nobre (Chef Justa Nobre)
Caldito cantiñeroLas Ficheras
Caldito cantiñero con albóndigas camarón y pulpo
Las Ficheras
Cockle carolino in a "Bulhão Pato" stock with meagre chipsFlores do Bairro (Chef Vasco Lello)
Cockle carolino in a “Bulhão Pato” stock with meagre chips
Flores do Bairro (Chef Vasco Lello)
Maguro & KimchiTaberna Rua das Flores
Maguro & Kimchi
Taberna Rua das Flores
Dogfish "prego"Taberna da Rua das Flores
Dogfish “prego”
Taberna da Rua das Flores
Mussels & ChipsArola by Penha Longa
Mussels & Chips
Arola by Penha Longa
Taco tartareKiKo - O Talho/Cevicheria
Taco tartare
KiKo – O Talho/Cevicheria
Algarve prawns in cevicheMini Bar (Chef Avillez)
Algarve prawns in ceviche
Mini Bar (Chef Avillez)
Hazelnut3 & Chocolate3Chef Avillez
Hazelnut3 & Chocolate3
Chef Avillez
Guava parfait with flanKiKo - O Talho/Cevicheria
Guava parfait with flan
KiKo – O Talho/Cevicheria

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